Hi! I'm Haru Jayasekara,
and this is my e-portfolio.

Work Philosophy

I believe myself to be a productive and responsible member of society, due to my values of commitment and honesty. I reflect these in any work I undertake, by setting realistic targets for myself and others. To reinforce this trend of maximum transparency, I always analyse and explain in detail the nature of the task at hand.

As a young person, I also understand and empathise with many of the issues today's students face. Due to this, I feel that I can provide a fresh perspective on these issues, to create increasingly better solutions and outcomes for them.

I believe that these values and attitudes will encourage me to strive to be the best English teacher I can be, by way of constructing my strategies and expectations for the specific class, text, or situation at hand.

Career Goals

  • Before the end of 2020, I would like to have graduated from Rossmoyne Senior High School, with an ATAR of 75 or above. This will increase my chances of being accepted for my preferred university degree (Bachelor of Education), at either ECU or Murdoch University.

  • By approximately 2024, I would like to have completed my Bachelor of Education, including several practicums in high school English classes. By completing this degree to the best of my ability, I can provide a strong foundation for my future as an English teacher.

  • Within ten years from graduating from University, I would like to have become an established English teacher, with a permanent position at a Western Australian high school. To achieve this, I will fully utilise the skills I gained through my University study. On top of this, I will take part in regular upskilling, to ensure my relevance in the industry.


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Additional Information

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